Buy More Varieties, Get Greater Discount!

Enjoy bigger discount upon purchasing wider categories of products. Buy more varieties, get greater discount!

The following categories are applicable for the special offer:

  • Wet Food
  • Dry Food
  • Healthy Snack
  • Cat Litter
  • Supplements
  • Dental Care
  • Pet Care

For example: Purchase a box of chicken mousse tinned food 40g x 84 tins + 1 pack of Kakato Premium dry food (cat) + 2 packs of Kakato Saba Fillet + 1 bag of PlaqueOff Dental Care Bone + 1 bottle of Papai Soluble 150g. With this offer, the final sale price will be HK$1,188 from the original price of HK$1,358. Therefore enjoying a discount of total HK$170!